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  Have you recently upgraded your   kitchen using a neutral color   scheme and aren’t happy with the   outcome? Is your kitchen missing   something bold, or simply not what   you had envisioned? Or maybe you   are here because you haven’t   upgraded your kitchen at all and   need inspirational tips on how to   spice up a neutral kitchen. Well, my   friend, you have come to the right   page.

  A neutral kitchen is openly inviting   and offers a fresh pallet that is   appealing to almost everyone. There   is something so elegant and   enticing about the simplicity of a   neutral kitchen. However, the   effortless beauty of a neutral kitchen   can often feel bland. Spicing up your   kitchen with a pop of color or adding   a bold statement piece could be just   what your kitchen needs to stand   out and ultimately give it the glow it   needs. So, if upgrading your neutral   kitchen has been in the back of your    mind or at the tip of your fingers,   then read on because our team of   skilled professionals has curated 3   creative ways to upgrade your   neutral kitchen. It can be as simple   as adding subtle design touches to   give your kitchen the flare it needs     while keeping its classic neutral   beauty and value.

Luxurious And Bright Kitchen Interior With Elegant Furniture Inside Of Spacious Residential Mansion. Modern Concept For Interior Design And Architecture.

 Although whites and grays offer   elegance to any kitchen design, they   also can feel cold, bland, or boring.   Transforming your neutral kitchen   with a more modern creative flair   can be as simple as adding a pop of   color to any element or feature you   currently have. This can be cost-   efficient and accomplished   promptly when working with a   skilled contractor. There is nothing   that grabs the eye’s attention more   than a   bold contrast, and if   changing your cabinet colors to   create this statement is all it   takes,   then sign us up! A neutral color   palette includes specifically shades   of whites and grays. However,   sometimes a kitchen is screaming   for also pale greens, taupe, ivory, and   blues. Mixing hues to find the   perfect bold balance can create an     extraordinary visual interest. Check   out this stunning neutral kitchen   with a pop of  dusty green cabinetry.

Beautiful cabinetry

2. Add Texture or Depth

  A neutral color scheme can   sometimes seem too plain, which   can often reduce the   visual appeal   and limit the use and potential of   your kitchen space. Making subtle   adjustments to a neutral kitchen by   adding texture and depth can bring   an inviting aesthetic to your kitchen   space. For example, using warm   tones from wood can create a cozy   space enjoyed by all. This may be the   perfect solution to upgrading your   sterile kitchen. One of the most   popular choices is installing wooden   flooring. This is a classic choice to   modernize your kitchen by adding a   visually bold statement and value.   There are multiple options when   choosing a flooring material for your    kitchen. You can choose from   laminate, hardwood, softwood, or   luxury vinyl planking. You can also   use the same or similar wood   material by incorporating it into     your kitchen island to give your   kitchen a fun decorative detail that   offers a homey appeal. Check out   the woodwork of this modern   neutral kitchen below!

Kitchen remodel

  Your kitchen is close to perfect but,   just not quite there. Something is off   or just doesn’t give your space the   pizzazz that it needs. In a neutral   kitchen,  you might be able to add   warm wood textures or pops of color   to spice things up. However, if you     feel it still needs something, it could   be as simple as adding gorgeous   statement lighting.

 Lighting fixtures can be bold and   offer an array of styles to your neutral   kitchen. Not only is the lighting   fixture itself a statement piece, but it   can also highlight specific spaces   and bring attention to a striking   element in your kitchen. Whether   that be a stunning gas range stove,   or a large kitchen island,   highlighting these areas can offer     sophistication and depth. If your   kitchen is lacking natural light from   a window source, adding a beautiful   light fixture can be the perfect way   to brighten up your kitchen while   adding a touch of elegance. The   options are endless when choosing     the perfect fixtures. The best way to   add appealing lighting to a neutral   kitchen is to experiment with bold   colors and tones. Look at this neutral   modern kitchen below!   Choosing a   black lighting fixture gives this   kitchen a marvelous visual contrast     against the white countertops and   neutral flooring.

Bold pendant lighting

 Your beautiful neutral kitchen is just around the corner and waiting to be enhanced!

 Above we have shared with you 3   exciting ways to spice up your   kitchen while appreciating and   valuing your neutral style. You may   find your current kitchen a bit   bland. Our team of highly skilled   professionals is excited to share our   love and enthusiasm for these types   of remodeling projects. Adding an   intentional amount of color and   design to your current kitchen can   go a long way.

 If your current kitchen requires   something bold, a pop of color, or   maybe a dash of elegance, our team   is here to make your vision come   true. Contact us at to get a free   quote today!

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