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 More often than not, functionality   and bathrooms are not intertwined.   In most home builds, the age of a   tenant or owner is not   considered   in the design or layout of a   bathroom. There is a modern   bathroom standard, and   unfortunately, these standards aren’t   always the safest for aging adults.   Following our recommendations will   put you or your senior’s mind at   ease, and will limit the   chances of   an injury.

 Did you know that one in four adults   over 65 falls each year? According to   the National Council on Aging, most   of these falls occur in the bathroom.   How crazy is that?! Sadly, this is a   result of the functionality of their   shower due to slippery floors, a tall   threshold   or step into the shower,   the standard bath-shower combo,   and narrow shower door openings.   This is alarming considering that     prevention and safety are our   number one priority when   remodeling a bathroom. The   National Council on Aging has   provided us with useful information   that has led our team at Valley   Remodeling to share with you three   ways you can transform your shower
 to support aging adults. Just   remember, one simple shower   remodel can prevent a fall and save   a life.

Walk in Bathtub

 Surprisingly, there are a lot of   options when selecting a walk-in   bathtub/shower that is functional for   aging adults. Although,   selecting a   walk-in tub is not as eye-catching,   they are extremely safe, comfortable,   and effective for those who need it.

 I’m here to break the good news!   Did you know most walk-in tubs   include therapeutic features? This is   an awesome bonus and a feature   you will not find in a standard tub.   Here is a quick list of some of the   features a walk-in tub may have:
  ● Hydrotherapy Jets
  ● Deep Soaking Tub
  ● Advanced Safety Features
  ● Outward Opening Doors

 Most walk-in tubs come fully   packaged as one product. This   makes installments easy and   affordable. Most seniors are unable   to perform “everyday” tasks, let alone   a remodeling project. With the help   of skilled professionals, the   installment of a walk-in tub will get   done efficiently with every safety   precaution taken to prevent further   issues. Transforming your current   shower/tub or assisting a senior in   that direction can be critical to   preventing injury and ensuring   safety.

Walk In Shower

  Showers no longer have to be a   scary place for aging adults.   Creating an open shower allows   accessible space for seniors that is   safe and manageable for their   mobility needs. Whether the elderly   uses a wheelchair or is impaired, an   open concept offers an immense   amount of space for a care-free   relaxing shower experience.   Unfortunately, most injuries and falls   that happen in a seniors bathroom   are due to improperly getting in or   out of their shower. This is often   caused by a tall threshold for a   person to step over. Transforming a   standard shower or tub into an open   concept shower eliminates this risk.   This also allows wheelchair   accessibility or grants you the option   to create a bench for those who   prefer to sit in the shower. A project   like this can be costly, however, you   are paying for safety and potentially   eliminating a hospital bill. For those   who cannot remodel their shower   into an open design, here are a few   steps to ensure you are properly   getting in and out of your bathtub.   This is useful information to
 share with elders you may know:
 ● Always start from a sitting position   on the floor of the bathtub
 ● Make sure your hands are as dry as   possible
 ● Grab the edge of the bathtub and   pull yourself towards the edge
 ● Push yourself onto your knees   while holding onto the edge and   continue to slowly rise until you are   standing
 ● Life one leg at a time slowly over   the threshold while continuing to   have a grasp on the edges.
 ● It is important to instill safety   measures outside of the tub to   prevent a slip or fall by adding a   non-slip mat to step onto while   exiting the shower or tub.


1. Non-Slip Shower Floors

Non Slip Floors

 An extremely helpful way to prevent   falling in the bathroom is to have the   correct flooring that supports water   drops or puddles. When a senior   gets out of the shower safely, they   can still risk the chance of slipping   on a wet floor afterward. In this case,   non-slip   bathroom flooring   deserves special attention and   consideration. It is impossible to   prevent water on the floor after   taking a bath or shower. However, it   is not unfeasible to install a floor that   is non-slip to avert a fall in the first   place. It is ideal when transforming a   shower specifically for seniors or   aging adults that a non-slippery   floor is installed properly. Here are   our top recommendations for   making a bathroom less slippery:
 ● Natural stone tiles are one of the   best choices for non-slip bathroom   flooring. Not only are they durable   and aesthetically   pleasing. They can   also be texturized to ensure a safe   grip and prevent falling. The only   downside to choosing natural stone   tile is the cost. However, the cost   most definitely outways the risk.
 ● Bamboo or Cork Flooring can   reduce the risk of slipping or falling   because they tend to absorb   moisture. Choosing bamboo or cork   flooring for your bathroom   transformation can be a great option   for preventing an accident. However,   it is important to keep   in mind the   possibility of mold growth in the   flooring of this material. Choosing to   hire a professional contractor to   install this type of flooring is highly   advised, they can ensure proper   ventilation to prevent moisture   buildup.
 ● Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles are   another excellent option for a non-   slippery bathroom floor. Not only are   porcelain and ceramic tiles   aesthetically pleasing, but they are   also affordable. Most standard   porcelain and ceramic tiles can be   slippery due to their smooth
 surface. To avoid this, we   recommend choosing a ceramic or   porcelain tile designed with a   nanostructured surface. A   nanostructured surface is a great   non-slip option that is comfortable   to walk on but also guarantees a   textured surface for a good   foot   grip.


A Shower Should Never Be A Scary Place!

 A slippery floor, tall thresholds, and   inaccessible shower/bathtub can all   be risky for the elderly and increase   the risk of injury or fatal accidents.   The best option for preventing a   tragedy of his sort is to educate   yourself on the risk factors. Our team   is dedicated to ensuring the safety   and well-being of our bathroom   renovation projects. It is our top   priority to inspire those who are
 aging to take the proper steps   needed to stay safe and comfortable   in their own home.

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