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How To Pick The Perfect Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel

When picking out tile for our home, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with all the options out there.  It is absolutely incredible to me that there are about twelve types of tiles. Don’t even get me started with all the styles, sizes, patterns, and shapes.
After much research, dream boards and shopping trips we were excited with the tile that we chose. It was perfect for our space, budget, and ultimately hit all the marks for the dreamy look we were going for. Now I am happy to say that after going through it myself, I can relate to the overwhelming struggle many clients have during this process. That’s why we’ve come up with 3 simple tips for choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom remodel. Hopefully these tips will lead you in the right direction to creating your dream space.


The price of tile varies. You can find tile priced anywhere from $15-$40 on average per square foot.  Ultimately, choosing a tile without considering the cost can either make or break your project. It’s important to know what your budget is for tile, and how many tiles you are going to need to achieve the final look. Most bathroom remodels use up to three different tiles, floor tile, shower tile, and a backsplash or accent tile. Working with a team of experts on your remodeling project can help determine what your price range is and what options out there are suitable. Talk about lifting weight off of your shoulders, there is a reason why we call them the dream team.

The Three S's ~ Space, Size and Style

We all have that “vision” of how we want our remodeled bathroom to look. To the endless saves on pinterest, scrolling on social media, visiting our friends finished homes, and HGTV. We get this idea of what we want our space to look like, which is great. However, dimensions of those spaces vary, the placement of windows (or no windows) could be different. Ultimately, remodeling your space won’t be the same as what you have seen, but in all it’s a great starting point for the design and style you
are trying to achieve. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom space and few to no windows, going with a lighter pallet for your tile selection can offer an open or brighter space. Also, choosing a larger marble slab for your shower can accomplish that sleek glamorous shower look. There are many tricks and tips to choosing the perfect style and size of tile for your space. Working with
professionals on achieving your dream remodel, and overall look can be critical and beneficial.


Let’s be honest, if something looks nice that’s one thing, but you have to ask yourself these questions… Does it clean up well? Is it slippery? Kid friendly? Pet friendly? Collect hard water stains? These are all things we considered when choosing our tile. We wanted our space to be bright, sleek, and clean. Choosing shiny white tiles for our floors wasn’t a realistic option in achieving this. However, it worked in our favor choosing a lighter marble tile for our shower. This avoided hard water stains, and made for an easy clean up. In all, we were still able to achieve that bright and airy look by also understanding which materials were the most durable for their specific feature.

Some Finish Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

Luxury Vinyl Planking – low cost – suitable for all bathroom floors – aesthetically appealing – many
options – easy installation – less slippery when wet – durable – does not scratch easily.
Marble – elegant and sleek aesthetic – higher cost – holds value – adds texture and depth – unique –
great for showers – decorative feature – minimal-high upkeep.
Porcelain – most commonly used – natural stone aesthetic – elegant – minimal weathering – multi
purposeful – average-high cost – holds value.
Mosaic – large selection – multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and styles – statement piece – cleanup
minimal-high – unique – creative – accent tile.
Glass Tile – easy clean up – clean minimalist aesthetic – backsplash or shower tile – accent tile – stain
resistant – can chip.

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