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Turn Your Dated Bathroom Into a Modern Oasis

Make the most out of your bathroom renovation with these 3 must-haves to match your modern design!

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 It’s never easy to narrow down the must-haves in a bathroom renovation. When creating a stunning space, there are so many   beautiful options, especially starting with a clean slate. Today we are sharing our three must-haves for creating a modern   bathroom oasis.  This has been one of my favorite blog posts yet because if anything screams modern and gorgeous, it catches my   eye. A modern design can be comprehensive; I enjoy this because it opens the door to an endless amount of material and design   options. However, dwindling the must-haves and top favorites is a difficult task. Transforming a space, even one as small as a   bathroom, can take time, and often choosing the design touches is the most extensive part. To guarantee a quick bathroom   renovation is having your design must-haves pre-selected before calling your general contractor with the project. This simple tip   can ensure that your general contractor gets the job done at an impeccable time.

Get your pen and paper and write down these must-haves when transforming your bland bathroom into a modern oasis!

1. Modern Bathroom Vanity

 Adding a modern bathroom vanity could be the statement piece that your bland bathroom needs. If you are in the market to   remodel your bathroom or even make some minor changes, the bathroom vanity can make a huge difference. This speaks for   design purposes and functionality.
 The most popular modern bathroom vanity colors are white, ebony, gray, or black. These colors go with any bathroom style and   offer a stunning neutral palette for a luxurious space. Choosing a white vanity will often make a space look larger. It is important to   take into consideration the size and depth of your space. If your current bathroom is larger or has a considerable amount of light,   I’d opt for a darker gray or black vanity. This will draw attention to one’s eye that is grand and luxurious. Check out the modern dual   vanity in the photo above. Upgrading your vanity is a great investment and a must-have when transforming a blank space for   something more modern and classy.

2. Shower Replacement With An Open Concept

 It’s time to open that shower up! There is nothing more inviting or appealing than an open shower design. Opening up your   shower, or going with a more open “feel” screams modern oasis. Whether you are remodeling your master bathroom or an extra   bathroom, this is a space of sanctuary, where you go to relax and can have a moment to yourself in pure peace. Creating a space   that feels open, breathable, and serene can be accomplished by simply replacing your closed-off cold shower with a more modern   open shower. Check out the before and after photos below. This is a great example of how adding an open shower as a design   element to your bathroom remodel can essentially open up your space entirely.

 This bathroom transformation breathes a modern oasis! Imagine stepping into this gorgeous bathroom every morning and night.   A renovation like this is an extensive project, and I will say, your current space will be telling of what you can and can’t have as a   design element. Creating an open shower often requires more square footage than your current shower. However, if this is a must-   have, working with a general contractor will provide you with the professional knowledge and details you will need to create this   open concept for your new space.

3. Show-Stopping Wall

  Accent walls have become the latest trend in the home and renovation realm. Most bathroom remodeling projects today include   a tiled wall, backsplash, or shower accent wall. There are many options when considering the material for a design element this   intricate and bold. An accent wall looks grand but can also be budget-friendly. However, it can be a convoluted job creating a   show-stopping wall or backsplash due to material delays and the size of space you are wanting to have done. If time and money   are an issue for you during your bathroom renovation, then we have the perfect solution! Check out this stunning shower accent   wall! It’s a must-have for your modern bathroom renovation!

4. Speedy Install

WetWall shower Gilbert

  Can you believe that this product can be installed in less than 3 days? The Wet Wall is a product that our team of skilled   professionals at Valley Remodling highly recommends to those who wish to create a show-stopping design element that is cost-   efficient, bold, and durable. Installing a Wet Wall does not require tile or grout. Instead of single pieced material and buying
 per tile, you purchase a single panel for installment. How amazing! A Wet Wall feature in your bathroom guarantees fewer cracks   to clean and is cost-efficient. Sign me up! I am obsessed with all the options Wet Wall offers for creating a luxury bathroom oasis.   Check out and select your favorites today!


 Did you enjoy our awesome tips and tricks on how to update your bland bathroom into a modern oasis? If so, we would love to   make your renovation dreams come true. Here at, we are offering a summer special, $1000 off your   shower remodel when using one of our highly recommended products, wet wall. Call now! Our deal expires on June 20, 2022.

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