Giving Back to Our Community

At Valley Remodeling, we believe in more than just transforming homes; we’re committed to making a difference in our community. As our business has grown, we’ve been fortunate to increase our contributions and support to several local organizations. We’re proud to share some of the ways we’ve been giving back:

Valley Remodeler's Family

United Food Bank

We recently donated $2,000 to the “Summer of a Million Meals” initiative to help combat hunger. Our contribution was even highlighted on the news, showcasing our commitment to ensuring no one goes hungry in our community. We’ll be sharing some photos and a video clip of this event soon.

House of Refuge

Our involvement with the House of Refuge goes beyond just donations. Being part of their fundraising committee, we’ve contributed $650 this year through gifts and sponsorships. The House of Refuge plays a crucial role in providing transitional housing and supportive services to homeless families, and we’re honored to support their mission.

McKinney Vento

Education is a cause close to our hearts. We’ve donated $1,000 to support a high school student under the McKinney Vento program, which aids unaccompanied youth. Every child deserves a chance at a bright future, and we’re doing our part to ensure they get it.


We’ve contributed $2,000 to Hunkapi, an incredible organization that offers a variety of programs, including therapeutic riding. Their work has touched countless lives in our community, and we’re proud to be a part of their journey.

Coulter Infiniti Drive-By Event

In collaboration with Coulter Infiniti, we participated in a drive-by event with a local TV station. Watch the video here, where you can see our team in action, supporting the community. 

We’re not just about business; we’re about community, compassion, and change. We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to give back, and we’re excited about the many more to come. We believe that by sharing our contributions, we can inspire others to do the same. Together, we can make Mesa, AZ, and our surrounding communities, a better place for all.