Basin kitchen sink

Whether you are remodeling your whole kitchen, replacing the counter tops or updating your sink there are a lot of options for a new kitchen sink. What sink you select for your kitchen will depend on the installation method, intended function, and desired material. Understanding the different options will help to select the best sink for your kitchen. Our experts at Valley Remodeling can help you navigate these options. If you are assembling your vision binder or shopping for materials already, here are some points to consider about your options.

Basin kitchen sink

There are 3 main installation types you can choose from for your kitchen sink. The counters and in some cases the cabinets have to be prepared of the type of installation your sink requires. If your cabinets and counters are not being replaced as part of your project, you will usually need to select a new sink that installs in the same way as the old one. In some cases the existing counter and cabinet can be modified for the new sink. Understanding the technical challenges of doing so are a separate topic.

A drop in sink does just that; it drops into the opening in the counter. It will have a lip around the top that rests on the counter surface and supports it. A drop in sink will usually have pre-drilled holes for the faucet, handles and accessories. These sinks remove and install easily and are forgiving to any uneven cuts in the countertop when making the opening. Because they mount higher, a drop in sink can more easily accommodate a deeper sink than the other installation types.

As the name implies these sinks are mounted underneath the counter. An undermount sink will not have a lip around the top. They are fastened to the bottom surface of the counter. Because of the way they are mounted, support is limited; excess weight can cause them to break their seal or fall. The holes for the faucet will be drilled in the countertop. Under mount sinks are popular for cleaner lines on the surface of the counter and require that the opening in the counter be cut to fit. Undermount sinks are harder to replace, sometimes requiring the counter to be removed and reinstalled to get the old sink out and the new sink in. 

A farmhouse sink mounts under the counter, much like an undermount except that the front protrudes out in front of the counter and the cabinet. A farmhouse sink is often selected for the look it creates. It also makes the sink larger without increasing the depth. Both the counter and the front of the cabinet have to be cut to fit the sink. Finding a new farmhouse sink to match the shape and dimensions of the old one is extremely difficult. Replacing a farmhouse sink will require modifications to both the cabinet and counter at a minimum. It could require that both are replaced with the sink.

Intended Function

When selecting the right kitchen sink for you it is important to consider how the way you use it determines the functional design of the sink. The functional design is the number and size of the sink basins and the depth of the sink.


How deep of a sink you select is largely a matter of personal need. If you do want a deeper sink there are a couple of things to check to know how much deeper your sink can be. First, will there be enough space below the sink for a garbage disposal, reverse osmosis system or any other essential in the cabinet under it? The space available can limit how deep your sink can be. Second, will the bottom of the sink still be higher than where the drain pipe goes into the wall? If the bottom of the sink is level to or lower than that pipe, it will not drain properly. The sink will need to be shallower or the rough in plumbing will have to be adjusted.


The basins are all about personal preference. Do you want one or two basins in your sink. Do you want both basins the same size or one larger than the other. The depths can vary as well as the width. The dimensions will need to match the existing opening unless the counter is being replaced or can be modified.

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