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You have decided to get rid of your tub and replace it with a walk-in shower. Maybe that shower has become worn out or does not have a look and feel that fits into your bathroom oasis. The time has come for that old shower to be replaced; but what do you want to replace it with? Do you like tile or do you like the look of tile but don’t like grout? Do you want color options? Would you like a stone look? Do you want options like a large niche for shampoo bottles, a seat, a shaving ledge, or ADA safety features? What will fit your budget and your space? Do you need something that is low maintenance or with durability? Is the warranty important?

There are so many options out there it can be like making a selection from the buffet when you are only hungry enough for a small plateful. It helps to know what types of products are out there, the design features they have, how they fit into your lifestyle and what they may cost. A quality remodeler will listen to how you feel about your current shower and description of how you want it to look and function. They will be able to recommend options that will fit your needs and help to narrow down the selection. You can also start by reviewing this list of some of our favorite shower options.

These are three of our favorite shower options. At Valley Remodeling we want you to love your bathroom. Based on your preferences and available space we can help you find the right options, so you can make your bathroom a daily escape to serenity.

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tile shower

MATERIAL: Tile is typically offered in ceramic, porcelain and glass. There is no noticeable difference between ceramic and porcelain. In a shower glass is best if applied as an accent. Tile and grout is available from many retail and wholesale sources.

APPLICATION: The tile is adhered to the wall and grouted in place to finish the shower walls. It can be used in nearly every shower space for the walls and the floor.

TIME: Expect the remodel process to take at least 3 days. The amount of time needed will vary based on the intricacy of the pattern, shower modifications and the shower size.

PRICE: The tile itself is usually not very expensive. Although we have seen some that exceed $8 a square foot, it is possible to find some that are as little as $0.80 a square foot. The labor will have a larger price tag. For a typical 30” x 60” shower the labor will likely start at $6,000 and will vary according to the specifics of the project and local market.

VERSATILITY: Tile is highly versatile with a broad selection of colors, sizes and patterns. Different tiles can be combined to create accents and patterns resulting in the ability to make almost any look you can imagine.

CUSTOMIZATION: When using tile it is easy to customize the addition of seats, niches and other features. It also allows greater customization in the sizes and locations of these options.

DURABILITY: Tile can withstand years of use and retain its look with proper maintenance. Grout tends to be the weak point in tile with the potential to erode and discolor. Maintenance can extend its longevity and keep it looking great for years also.

MAINTENANCE: Non abrasive cleaners are recommended. Tile cleans easily if it is kept clean regularly. Using a tile sealant provides a protective barrier for the tile and grout that prevents discoloration and damage. Sealant will wear away with time and will need to be reapplied periodically to retain a protective seal.

WARRANTY: Warranties on tile are often short, usually less than 3 years, and will typically only cover defects in the product. Installation is warrantied by your installer and usually has a short duration also.

Best bath shower system

MATERIAL: This is a shower kit system with prefabricated walls and pan. The Best Bath Shower Systems are manufactured in the US. The walls are built by molding fiberglass composite over a plywood backing and covering it with a gel coat surface. The walls are formed with 3 surface texture patterns; smooth, square tile or subway tile. The sides interlock so there is no leaking at the corners.

APPLICATION: Best Bath showers are designed for corner and alcove shower spaces in most common sizes.

TIME: The demo and installation of this shower can be completed in as little as a day. Most orders can be delivered to the job site within 2 weeks.

PRICE: Best Bath shower systems start around $13,000 for material and installation.

VERSATILITY: Thes showers have sizes and shapes to fit many applications and needs, including barrier free pans and ADA compliant accessories. The shower pan sizes do not currently accommodate snail showers, and unusual shower shapes. Best Bath is able to mold and create components for specialized applications that are not available in their catalog. Doing so comes with a substantial added cost.

CUSTOMIZATION: Different style and color options are available, including tile and stone appearance options. Only the colors available in their catalog are available. Tile accents can be added to one or all walls. This opens up the endless tile selection options to accent a Best Bath wall. Accessories like seats, shelves, soap dishes and grab bars can also be added.

DURABILITY: The walls are solid and will not bow. They are durable and will not discolor or erode. The shower pans are built as solid as the walls and will not crack.

MAINTENANCE: These showers are easy to maintain by using non abrasive cleaners. You are able to enjoy the look and feel of tile without the grout or the need to apply sealant for extended product life.

WARRANTY: Best Bath offers a 30 year warranty on their shower systems. Installers will offer a labor warranty of a shorter duration of less than 5 years.

Wet Wall Shower Panels

MATERIAL: WilsonArt Wetwalls are formed of a proprietary composite material. The result is a light, rigid, waterproof, material that is easy to cut and install. The corners seal with a color match sealant, making the seams nearly invisible. This product is manufactured in the US.

APPLICATION: The wall panels interlock by tongue and groove to form the wall around a shower or tub. It can be fitted for almost any shower space. It can be installed above a bathtub, formed shower pan or a tile shower floor.

TIME: Some applications can be completed within a day. Larger showers, added customization or complexities will lengthen the project. Once ordered Wetwall is usually delivered within 2 weeks.

PRICE: Material and installation prices for a Wetwall shower start as low as $6000 and vary by shower size, shower shape, panel pattern and added options.

VERSATILITY: The versatility of the panels allows for them to be built into spaces of nearly any size or shape. Wetwall panels are not molded with tile shapes or patterns on the surface. They are flat panels with a textured surface. They have several designs to choose from now and are adding more.

CUSTOMIZATION: It is possible to customize seat and niche locations and sizes with Wetwall. Tile accents can also be added to the walls to expand design options. The edges are bullnose and we have found that schluter can also be used for an accented finishing edge.

DURABILITY: Wetwall is waterproof, highly scratch resistant, and rigid. The surface is very durable and hard to scratch. The walls will long outlast the sealant. The sealant is more durable than a typical bathroom caulk and can withstand a lot of scraping. We have found it difficult to damage or remove when trying to. 

MAINTENANCE: As with most shower walls a non abrasive cleaner is recommended. These walls are easy to clean and dry. They will not discolor, stain or crack. No additional maintenance is needed.

WARRANTY: WilsonArt offers a 10 year warranty for their product. Installers will offer a labor warranty of a shorter duration of less than 5 years.

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