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Two Ways to Spice Up Your Bathroom

Tired of walking into the same boring bathroom day after day only to be unhappy with what you see? Or maybe you are just bored of your current bathroom and ready for something fresh and new without going too crazy with renovating. Drastic changes in a bathroom remodel can often be overwhelming for some people. Starting small with two simple projects could be perfect for
spicing up your new space. Starting a full renovation project can be costly however, most professional general contractors
are willing to meet you where you are at. It is certainly our goal to accomplish your dream renovation whatever that may be. Whether it’s tackling a few upgrades here and there or knocking the walls down to the studs. The owners and teamat Valley Remodeling AZ are dedicated to creating a space as if it their own. So if a full renovation is not for you, then you have come to the right place! We would like to share with you two helpful ways you can spice up your current bathroom without doing a full bathroom renovation. Small renovation projects are often unspoken of however, we are here to tell you they can be just as fun, creative, and exciting. Making changes to your current space does not have a size the is equally as important, and our team lives purposefully to make a client’s dream their reality. Hopefully these tips inspire you to make a few changes and allow you to eventually enjoy your new bathroom.

Its time to change things up! Maybe it’s that bland boring wall you stare at every day while brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. Creating an accent wall in your bathroom is an excellent way to utilize the space you already have by drawing a more modern and creative focal point to your bathroom. You really can let your dreams run wild with creating an accent wall, they can be a true statement piece. There are many different options when it comes to creating an accent wall in your bathroom. You could possibly want an accent wall behind your vanity or bathtub. Or maybe you are envisioning an accent wall behind your toilet, or in your shower. It can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you want but, these are all realistic ideas and options for you. We would like to share with you a few of our favorite modern updates featuring all different kinds of accent walls along with the materials and style used for the bathroom upgrade. We are here to inspire you. We strive to give you that final push into creating something fabulous or your home. Enjoy!

Stunning Bathroom Shower Accent Wall

Are you ready to replace the tile in your shower? Or upgrade to a more modern fresh look? A dated bathroom shower can look dingy, chipped, and dreary. Did you know that the number one thing a client wants out of a bathroom remodel is to change up their shower? However, this does not require a complete shower remodel. Simply replacing your old tile with an accent wall could be just what you need to freshen up that old shower of yours. This type of upgrade can be fun and innovative. Feel free to explore the countless options and materials for your bathroom showers accent wall. Are you looking for a sleek, clean and modern bathroom upgrade? Check out this stunning subway tiled shower wall below!

Marble shower with a bench Scottsdale

Bathroom Toilet Accent Wall

A toilet accent wall, what’s that you ask? Well, it just might be the next best thing. If your toilet sits on a lone wall, or if it is tucked away in a corner, adding an accent wall behind it may be the perfect upgrade for sprucing up your current bathroom. Check out this fun natural stone-tiled accent wall behind the toilet. We love doing fun little projects like this, they can make all the difference in such a subtle fun way!

2. Change Up Your Hardware

You’d be surprised to find out that there are man options when it comes to your bathroom hardware and features.  From switching out your current shower rod to changing the knobs on your vanity and replacing your faucet, these subtle changes to your bathroom can be the simple upgrade your dated bathroom needs.  Playing with different tones, colors, and styles for your hardware can be a fun way to spice up your bathroom without taking on a full remodeling project.

Black Modern Hardware

Now doesn’t that look nice? I love the contrast black hardware has to offer against lighter natrural tones. However, no matter the cabinet or wall color your current bathroom has, black hardware can modernize your space and give it a sleek farmhouse vibe. There is a reason black hardware is trending right now, it is affordable and is an excellent option for making a space feel boldly new.

Elegant Gold Bathroom Hardware

Mixed Metal Bathroom Hardware

Are you torn between the modern black bathroom hardware and elegant gold bathroom hardware? Have you ever considered mixing metal bathroom features in your home? Mixing metals is becoming more and more popular in interior design and bathroom remodels. It’s a great way to experiment and be creative while upgrading your bathroom. The opportunities are
endless when going this route! Here are some fun ways you can mix the metals in your bathroom for an upgraded and fresh look. Our goal is always to inspire you to be bold and creative when designing the bathroom of your dreams, and sometimes that means doing thingsa little different. We are here for it!

Valley Remodeling AZ values nothing more than to inspire people and our potential clients by proviidng our professional opinions, tips, and tricks on remodeling your home. With bathroom and kitchen remodels being our specialty we aim to offer you quality blogs and strive to give you the information you are seeking. Please leave us a comment below. We would love your feedback and are happy to answer any questions. Happy remodeling!
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